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My goal is to create connections so we can find ways to make things better in this crazy world.

Together we can make a difference.

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Why Me?

Life is a series of lessons and I’ve learned my share.

  • I lived on my own when I turned sixteen, learning lessons you can only learn on the street.

  • I’ve married and divorced several times, each one was a major lesson in choosing a life partner. The last one was my best choice by far.

  • I have a background in finance, have invested in stocks, flipped real estate, built multiple streams of income, retired early, and now I’m into crypto.

  • I’ve been hired and head-hunted, fired, and have been the boss of other people, and I’ve quit several different jobs.

  • I learned to live in the moment, let go of the past and stop projecting into the future.

  • Now I write.

Social Media is Changing Us

It’s not changing us in a good way.

  • I’m tired of the anger, the arguments, and the polarization.

  • I’m tired of the judgment and rejection.

  • I’m tired of living up to others’ expectations.

  • I’ve broken up with my ‘give a damn’.

I’m tired of being invisible.

I’ll bet you are too.

Words In Motion is me, breaking up with my ‘give a damn’.

  • Let’s build a community where we can be a version of ourselves that we don’t know. Let’s change each other by our interactions.

  • Let’s build genuine, heartfelt friendships in this imaginary world of light and screens.

  • Let’s let go of expectations and open up to curiosity. Let’s live in the moment.

  • Let’s pour our hearts out on the paper and sift our words until only their essence is left.

  • Let’s create a unicorn of magical connection, a sparkling trail of shimmering light to shoot into the air to bring messages of hope and life, and rebirth to the world.

  • Let’s hold hands and step through the portal, into a world of words and images on the other side.

  • We will set aside comparison and its harsh companion of judgment. Instead, we can use our words to gently coax the favor of connection and inclusion, the love partners who heal.

The best part about Words in Motion

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