Crystals and their powers have always made me curious and skeptical at the same time. Like, I love the concept but also, is it true? How do we know they work the way they're said to work? Is it more a belief? Or is there actual proof?

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There are lots of anecdotal healing stories but I'm not sure if there's actual empirical proof. So much of how our thoughts affect our reality is belief based.

Personally, I've had experiences with real life changes after I've spent some time working with thoughtful, consistent healing practices. Some of the healing has been mental, some physical.

Placebo effect? Maybe. But if something works in my life, I'll take it. ❤❤❤

How about you?

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I couldn't agree more. I wholeheartedly agree that even just our state of mind has the power to heal or prevent disease, meditation treats emotional and mental well-being, etc. I try as hard as I can to seek out natural remedies before trying anything else.

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