Tree, thanks for emailing this to me. What a coincidence you write this, I was wondering how you, with everything you were already doing in a day on Medium and Slack and then taking on News Break too, could manage it all.

The only way I can do it is to shut everything out for between 6-10 hours per day. This week I've found I enjoy doubling up by making a Medium and a NB story from one. I tailor the original to Medium's requirements and then adapt another copy to NB.

Your way sounds cool and I am glad you've found a way to do both. And still have a life, lol! Karen

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Oh God, Tree. I so need a saner schedule. Maybe I'll try assigning different days to different things. Trying to split the day 6 ways is exhausting. This was a great post. Has Newsbreak crashed for you yet? I've heard some people say their gravy train ended.

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